Anifile - Amagami SS

In a difference to most harem anime, you get to play out ALL the girls and their scenarios! But does this twist help or hinder this show from entering mediocrity?


Anifile - Asobi ni Ikuyo

Cat ears and boobs aplenty! Aliens are on the most wanted list as a cute extra-terrestrial crashlands on Okinawa and finds refuge with a teenage boy as you do. The lowest common denominator leads to hilarity? I'll let you be the judge of that.


Anifile - Ookami-san and Her Seven Companions

The Otogi Bank run a pretty unique business led by the fiery Ryoko Ookami. She then tests a new recruit but how does it go? Watch Masako's review to find out!


Anifile - Occult Academy

There are many different facets to the occults - ouija boards, incantations, rituals etc...but that doesn't stop a band of plucky teenagers from tackling them and their leader who wishes to destroy her father's legacy. Masako reviews the introductory episode of Occult Academy.


Masako Muses...His Room

After loads of comments about the contents of the corner of his room, Masako goes through some of the more obvious articles of his bookshelf and explains the infamous pile of anime figurines.