Anifile - Toriko

Cooking may not be the manliest of pasttimes, but only Japan can turn the activity on its head and make it extremely masculine. Add fighting, searching for the ultimate goal and wacky characters and you got a winning recipe.


Anifile - Kia Asamiya Month: His Latest Work

To end Kia Asamiya month, let's summarise the other works that the man has done up to now including his latest work, which involves sexy girls, cars and technical college. Interesting.


Anifile - X-Men

Marvel and Madhouse go at it again with the third collaborative piece to date. This time, the mutants turn Japanese in their quest to find a lost kindred spirit. Masako reviews X-Men: The Anime.


Anifile - Kia Asamiya Month: Nadesico

And now, one of Asamiya's greatest works. Masako's favourite anime ever and probably one of the best parodies of the mecha genre, it became a success of its own accord.


Anifile - Kia Asamiya Month: Silent Möbius

Asamiya is a keen action fan and Silent Mobius has that in spades! Cops, paranormal entities and one of the most complete universes in his repetoire, this series shouldn't be overlooked.


Anifile - Kia Asamiya Month: Steam Detectives

One of Asamiya's lesser known stories, Steam Detectives encapsulates the steampunk movement which began in earnest in the late 90s.


Anifile - Kia Asamiya Month: Introduction

It's April and it's Kia Asamiya month on Anifile! Masako showcases the works of one of his favourite manga-ka.