Masako Muses...Movie Remakes

Do old classics need a modern twist? Is it to showcase the latest special effects, refresh a concept for a new generation or to just spin a few hundred million dollars for Hollywood executives?


Masako Muses...3DTV

Following the previous musing, Masako wonders whether 3D has truly come of age as a form of entertainment or whether this is yet another brief liason with the much-hyped visual trickery? Is this time around any different?


Masako Muses...Upgrades

Upon further musing, Masako ponders about the futility that is upgrading - is it worth the money just to have the latest and greatest or is it a impulsive drain on your wallet and emotions?


Anifile is LIVE!

Welp, Anifile's first episode is now live! This is my brand new anime show...and what better way to kick off proceedings then with a top 10 countdown of his favourite anime!

Intro Animatiors: Peter "Peat Woria" Spielvogel and Michael "Lostsohl" Wild
Intro Composer: Michael "Skitch" Schiciano

Titlecard by AngelBless


A Change of Schedule

Hey everyone. As you may know, I currently have a freelance editing job. Good news is that it's been extended all the way till I leave for Anime Evolution on the 12th. However, this will mean that my projects will be severely impeded. Anifile Top 10 and Kampfer 4 will most likely be unaffected as they're mostly done - only a few tweaks need to be made. Masako Muses has been recorded and those don't take up too much time either.

However, new eps of Kampfer and Anifile will be slower in coming out as I have only weekends to work on them and even then not all of that time can be committed.

Despite this I thank everyone who's come to the blog and listening to what I have to say. :)

Oh yeah, 120 round mile commutes aren't fun...at all.


The musing has sparked debate...excellent!

Hmm, well Masako Muses debuted on TGWTG earlier today and has proved to be quite a talking point. Nigh on 6,000 views and quite a few very discursive and well-written replies to it which is what I wanted. I like to know what you guys think about stuff and this has done its job which is awesome. ^^

So yeah, I started my job on Wednesday and did well - I was pencilled in for 2 days but I finished the work in 1...and lost 150 bucks in the process. I guess I was too good. x.x Here's hoping that work continues with them after the month's up.

Anifile is coming along now. The top 10 sections themselves are ready and now it only requires some final fettling before its debut on the 12th. Masako Muses will be on every Saturday. Since I'm working, Anifile will start sometime in August proper. Kampfer 4 is being worked on also. So yeah...lots of stuff going on.

6 weeks till Anime Evolution - can't wait y'all and the rest of the TFS posse again!