Anifile - Hanasaku Iroha

An anime in a hot spring. Nope, not like the typical. Watch the coming of age of a city girl who has to bring herself back from the depths of despair from the wrath of a bitter grandmother. Hanasaku Iroha is potentially a season winner.


Anifile - Hen Zemi

Fruit flies...in weird places. Passing gas...in bathtubs. Some people find this attractive. I don't - but the people in this anime do. Be prepared for something pretty disturbing in Hen Zemi.


Anifile - Blue Exorcist

How would you react if you were the son of Satan? Amazed or horrified? Well, allow this anime to take that weight off your shoulders and kick back with some classic shounen in Blue Exorcist.


Anifile - Steins;Gate

Now this is a time machine I can get behind - microwaves and text messages. What a novel idea, but can it carry over an entire series? Masako wraps his head around the complicated world of Steins;Gate.