Anifile - Highschool of the Dead

Violence, sex and zombies! The perfect recipe for a slasher series or a slapdash mess of plot devices? Masako reviews in this edition of Anifile, High School of the Dead to find out the answer.


Masako Muses...Soda

There is a problem with obesity in the world. Hundreds of millions around the world suffer from it. Speaking as someone who has lost weight, Masako shares his advice with how he did it and focuses on one particular factor...cutting out soda.


Masako Muses...Sega

Sega - it is one of the names that stands out in video gaming history. It's had a rough few years as of late but it's had its moments. Why isn't it as steadfast as Nintendo? Did poor marketing condemn its relatively solid hardware before it even had a chance or is it something more fundamental with its image?


Masako Muses...Tech Dependence

Technology - it's all around us. You're using it right now to view this very video; but what has it done to us? Has our need to be connected become like a drug or is it a wondrous means of networking that is invaluable in this modern world? Masako ponders this notion.


Masako Muses...Nostalgia

We all hark back to our childhood; where times were simpler and memories are treasured. Are these cherished moments deserved or were rose-tinted specs the order of the day?