Anifile - Christmas Special

It's the Christmas holidays! What a way to make the most of this festive season then to regail in the tale of randy plushies and magical heroines! Yep, it's the Holiday Special of Kampfer. Madcap merriment for all!


Console Classics - Pilot: Sega Saturn

Mr Gammington-Smythe travels to the future and brings back an artefact of future entertainment - the game console! In this edition, he brings back a Sega Saturn!


Anifile - Kanokon

Watch Masako rage as we take a look at Kanokon - The Girl Who Cried Wolf! Boobs, sexual 'humour' and pointless characters ;pretty much sums up all that is wrong with the majority of mainstream anime these days. Not only that - the main guy is an absolute weed!


Masako Makes...PROTEIN SALAD!

Greetings, all. Season 2 of Anifile is drawing to a close - you can catch all of my previous videos here (http://masakox.blip.tv).

However, today's post is a recipe I wish to share with y'all. It's becoming my favourite meal and a dish of my own concoction. It's chock full of protein and is good for a dinner or lunch at 50g + of protein and between 500-570 calories depending on what you got to hand so here goes:


1 tin sardines/mackerel (in tomato sauce/sunflower oil)
3oz chicken slices or chunks (cut up or pre-cut)
1oz cottage cheese
1/3oz tomato chutney
2/3oz mozzarella (or any kind of mild cheese like edam, swiss cheese)
1/2oz pate (Brussels pate ideally)
1 tomato (chopped up) [optional]
2 mushrooms (chopped up)
2/3oz coleslaw
2/3oz chopped leeks

Simply mix these ingredients into a bowl with a fork twisting the fork too as to break up the ingredients a little bit. Add a touch of cayenne pepper and oregano if you have some or any kind of warm/fiery spice that you like. Microwave for about 4 minutes (keep a piece of tissue paper over the bowl cos the sardines will explode in the heat and it saves you having to clear it up). Then mix again once removed from microwave and spoon into a salad bowl. Add about 1oz of mixed lettuce leaves or any type of salad of your choice. Mix in with the mashup and then serve.

Very filling dish and chock full of protein goodness. =D Let me know if you've tried it.

Anifile - Bakuman

Moritaka wants to lead a normal life...but when the thought of horizontal action arises, his dream to be a manga artist burns with a passion! Can one of the pre-season favourites draw up a masterpiece?


Anifile - Togainu no Chi

Fighting, ultraviolent gangsters and poker dogtags! Not to mention Goth Neo with slashy skills! It's all in the dank and dystopian world of Togainu no Chi.


I like the way youmoo-ve...

...just a pity you were so expensive. @w@

Now, I love my frozen yogurt (in case you weren't aware already!). So when I heard that Harrod's, the most prestigious department store in the world, hosted a froyo joint - I just HAD to go check it out! Not only that, plus I wish to cheer up Julie by channeling taste vibes to her this thanksgiving day.

So I was in town again for a job spec and afterwards I made my way to Harrod's in Knightsbridge. Most of the store means nothing to me as it's mostly designer clothing and perfume - and expensive varieties at that. It's more fun if you're rich or have access to a credit card. However, I had a reason to be here. Frozen yogurt - at Yoomoo - on the fourth floor. I didn't care it was 34 degrees out, I want this!

Yoomoo, is one of the newer chains of froyo places in London and to have a place in Harrod's is pretty impressive so I was expecting something quite special. After travelling up the Egyptian Escalator to the fourth floor and getting lost in the pet department (It's easy to get lost in Harrod's if you're not on the ground floor.), I made it to my destination. It seems like Yoomoo is part of theDiner, a bistro type affair with its own little kiosk.

The selection of toppings was pretty diverse so I wasn't disappointed in that regard (although it doesn't matter to me - I always order the same). You get two sizes only - regular and large. So I got my control which I evaluate all my reviews with: natural flavour with blueberries.

Unlike other places, you're not handed your pot and given a plastic spoon. It's brought to you. In a porcelain bowl. With a posh spoon no less! All rather fancy, so I take my first spoonful and savour it. It's silky and smooth with a very light flavour - a lot like Yogurtry in a way; but then the flavour disappeared quite quickly which meant I had to go for another spoonful...and then another...and then another. Before I knew it, it was all gone. I felt a little unfulfilled. Don't get me wrong, it tasted very nice and it was up there in terms of texture but the flavour was lacking. Despite this, there was one thing that wasn't meek in the slightest - the bill. One regular froyo with one topping comes in at £8.00!!! EIGHT QUID! That's double than Yogurtry and Muffinski's similarly specced offerings - COMBINED!

I was reeling from this when I paid, but I knew the price would be steep. One - I'm in freakin' Harrod's! Everything's expensive. Two - the service is pretty different to what you normally get (not that it's better, it's just more formal). Three - there's one option called the magnificentmoo. I won't say much more other than that it involves 23 carat gold and you losing fourteen of your British pounds for the privilege. The staff were diligent and reasonable but not very knowing about their product. All in all, I was left unsatisfied for what I paid for. I won't be making a special visit here again. I would much rather go to Muffinski's for something half the price - which is what I did; and quite frankly, it tastes just as good if not slightly better.

Yoomoo serves good froyo...I just wish you didn't have to pay through the nose for it.


Anifile - Iron Man

Tony Stark - known as one of the more underrated superheroes of the Marvel Universe makes his debut in anime form. Can the rich personality translate well into a different art style and narrative environment? Who cares?! It's IRON MAN kicking ROBOT ASS!


When is a muffin not a muffin...?

...when you get frozen yogurt! XD

I had a job interview earlier today and what better way to reward myself then to go to one of my favourite froyo haunts - Muffinski's. Based just off Covent Garden, Muffinski's primarily serves freshly made muffins which range from fruit toppings to white chocolate delights. Now I don't tend to go for muffins all that often (I prefer cupcakes, if I'm honest! The cupcakes Julie made at Youmacon for me were divine!), but I spotted one day that they did frozen yogurt too. It struck as a pleasant surprise so a few months back I went and investigated.

Muffinski's offer you two basics flavours to begin with - natural or chocolate. However, if you want, they do offer you the choice to blend your favourite fruit with the yogurt instead of having it as a topping which is a pretty adventurous option which I welcome. Prices too are very welcome, starting at £2.90 for a small natural froyo for the first-time sampler which is below what specialist stores charge. Sizes are your standard Small (105 cal), Medium (250 cal) and Large (370 cal) but to be honest, a medium sized one will do you good.

Now when it comes to my personal choice whenever I go, it would have to a medium natural with orange crunch topping. Usually I go with blueberries, but the orange crunch (like its name implies) is pretty unique and deserves an outing for my taste buds. So I tuck in and remember why I rate this place really high. The texture of the yogurt is so smooth and the flavour is really subtle. It's one of those that you can't pace, you just have to keep on nibbling away until it's all gone and you are sad. If you're ever in Covent Garden and are looking to try frozen yogurt for the first time but want to have the option of a baked good too, Muffinski's is the place to go!

Now before I close, I also remembered when I worked in Hatton Garden last year that I used to frequent Itsu (a popular sushi chain in London) and they had frozen yogurt too - in fact, it was THE place I discovered it. So I thought I'd go back to the one on Regent St and sample a small one with honey roasted cashews on top. It's very different to Muffinski's. This is a LOT more tart and coarse which is also good for froyo. It should either by smooth and fresh or slightly coarse and tart, like normal yogurt. It was nice to try it again, but Muffinski's still wins my affections.

I really gotta get to America and try Yogaberry - see how it's REALLY done. XD


Anifile - Star Driver

Galactic pretty boys and spindly mecha make for potentially one of the hits of the fall schedule. Masako delves into subspace and pulls out a gem!


Anifile - The World God Only Knows

Marvel as a guy who can acquire the affections of any girl in a dating sim at will. But his skill unwittingly unleashes the evils of hell to unsuspecting girls and it's his job to sort it out. A geek hero...I can assure you, this ain't no Gary-Stu story.


YogurTRY IT! It's good!

So, I went up to London yesterday to have a birthday meal with some of my friends from different parts of my life and see whether they would end up liking each other. Utter success! It was brilliant to see everyone and hang out in London's busy entertainment district.

But before that, I had some spare time to kill. So when I got up to Waterloo, I took the Northern line to Hampstead where I had been looking up frozen yogurt places in London that I hadn't been to up to now. I came across a cool looking one called Yogurtry.

From the visage alone, I knew I was in for something pretty good. So, after a 20 minute tube ride I was eager to try out some frozen treats. The impressive apperance continues inside with a very colourful interior and clear menu options.

In terms of toppings, you could have anything you wanted: fruit, chocolates, sauces and candies - you name it! Not only that, what differentiated Yogurtry from everywhere else is that they offer 8 flavours of yogurt including Natural in Small (100ml), Regular (200ml) and Large (400ml). So I went for the benchmark for me - a Regular Natural flavour with Blueberries.

So, I got it after £3.90 - and it was worthy EVERY penny. It was divine! Some froyo end up being kind of crystally, not that it's a bad thing but this froyo was so utterly creamy. Silky smooth - this rivals Muffinski's in Covent Garden for that. This was worth every penny. If you're in North London and can get near Hampstead - go here! It's a wonderful place to go and the value is good for what it is.

Anifile - Panty & Stocking w/Garterbelt

The city of Daten...IS UNDER ATTACK! The fate of its civilians rest on the skills of a sex-mad bimbo and a sweet-obsessed goth lolita marshalled by a afro-wielding priest straight out of 70s cop shows! Watch as Japan tries to mimic the McCracken formula of animation.


Anifile - Shiki

A girl has a fascination with European castles and a local boy - both parties don't show the same affection. This isn't gonna end well.


October Arrives

Hey everyone.

I apologise for not being more personally active in the blog. However, I do appreciate the comments that I receive and they go into making Anifile better with every episode. One show I'm keen to review is Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt - from the intro alone it seems to be quite a rockin' tune! Whether the actual anime turns out to be the same is another matter though.

The freelance editing work has dried up somewhat but I don't let it get me down as I still have plenty to do which aid towards me gaining more experience. It's interesting to have a dynamic following which can tell me where to improve and what to avoid; it helps tremendously and for that I am really grateful.

However, there was one comment on a recent Facebook entry that worried me...the person considered me creepy. That hurt me somewhat cos I know I may come off as quite brash and overenthusiastic in my reviews, but I wouldn't want to make the show boring or anything so I play up to the camera. I apologise profusely if I creep some of you out. :(

In any case, 2 more episodes are out this weekend including the Protectors of Universe review that I just posted. It'll be a good month also cos it's my 24th birthday on the 15th! I know this may seem a little forward but the other members of TFS and TGWTG have done so so I thought I'd follow suit and post my amazon wish list. ^^; http://www.amazon.co.uk/wishlist/2QSBMWGAXNEYE

Finally, Youmacon is now at the end of month so I am really excited to meet you if you can make it to Detroit on the 28th through 31st.

Merry tidings, my Masakists!

Anifile - Protectors of Universe

As we wait for the fall anime schedule to begin broadcasting, Masako brings a 'classic delight' to our attention. A poorly constructed Korean knockoff mecha movie feebly trying to disguise its bastardisation of the Mazinger franchise. Watch out as Alfred and his minions attack this awkwardly shoddy flick!


Anifile - Amagami SS

In a difference to most harem anime, you get to play out ALL the girls and their scenarios! But does this twist help or hinder this show from entering mediocrity?


Anifile - Asobi ni Ikuyo

Cat ears and boobs aplenty! Aliens are on the most wanted list as a cute extra-terrestrial crashlands on Okinawa and finds refuge with a teenage boy as you do. The lowest common denominator leads to hilarity? I'll let you be the judge of that.


Anifile - Ookami-san and Her Seven Companions

The Otogi Bank run a pretty unique business led by the fiery Ryoko Ookami. She then tests a new recruit but how does it go? Watch Masako's review to find out!


Anifile - Occult Academy

There are many different facets to the occults - ouija boards, incantations, rituals etc...but that doesn't stop a band of plucky teenagers from tackling them and their leader who wishes to destroy her father's legacy. Masako reviews the introductory episode of Occult Academy.


Masako Muses...His Room

After loads of comments about the contents of the corner of his room, Masako goes through some of the more obvious articles of his bookshelf and explains the infamous pile of anime figurines.


Anifile - Highschool of the Dead

Violence, sex and zombies! The perfect recipe for a slasher series or a slapdash mess of plot devices? Masako reviews in this edition of Anifile, High School of the Dead to find out the answer.


Masako Muses...Soda

There is a problem with obesity in the world. Hundreds of millions around the world suffer from it. Speaking as someone who has lost weight, Masako shares his advice with how he did it and focuses on one particular factor...cutting out soda.


Masako Muses...Sega

Sega - it is one of the names that stands out in video gaming history. It's had a rough few years as of late but it's had its moments. Why isn't it as steadfast as Nintendo? Did poor marketing condemn its relatively solid hardware before it even had a chance or is it something more fundamental with its image?


Masako Muses...Tech Dependence

Technology - it's all around us. You're using it right now to view this very video; but what has it done to us? Has our need to be connected become like a drug or is it a wondrous means of networking that is invaluable in this modern world? Masako ponders this notion.


Masako Muses...Nostalgia

We all hark back to our childhood; where times were simpler and memories are treasured. Are these cherished moments deserved or were rose-tinted specs the order of the day?


Masako Muses...Movie Remakes

Do old classics need a modern twist? Is it to showcase the latest special effects, refresh a concept for a new generation or to just spin a few hundred million dollars for Hollywood executives?


Masako Muses...3DTV

Following the previous musing, Masako wonders whether 3D has truly come of age as a form of entertainment or whether this is yet another brief liason with the much-hyped visual trickery? Is this time around any different?


Masako Muses...Upgrades

Upon further musing, Masako ponders about the futility that is upgrading - is it worth the money just to have the latest and greatest or is it a impulsive drain on your wallet and emotions?


Anifile is LIVE!

Welp, Anifile's first episode is now live! This is my brand new anime show...and what better way to kick off proceedings then with a top 10 countdown of his favourite anime!

Intro Animatiors: Peter "Peat Woria" Spielvogel and Michael "Lostsohl" Wild
Intro Composer: Michael "Skitch" Schiciano

Titlecard by AngelBless


A Change of Schedule

Hey everyone. As you may know, I currently have a freelance editing job. Good news is that it's been extended all the way till I leave for Anime Evolution on the 12th. However, this will mean that my projects will be severely impeded. Anifile Top 10 and Kampfer 4 will most likely be unaffected as they're mostly done - only a few tweaks need to be made. Masako Muses has been recorded and those don't take up too much time either.

However, new eps of Kampfer and Anifile will be slower in coming out as I have only weekends to work on them and even then not all of that time can be committed.

Despite this I thank everyone who's come to the blog and listening to what I have to say. :)

Oh yeah, 120 round mile commutes aren't fun...at all.


The musing has sparked debate...excellent!

Hmm, well Masako Muses debuted on TGWTG earlier today and has proved to be quite a talking point. Nigh on 6,000 views and quite a few very discursive and well-written replies to it which is what I wanted. I like to know what you guys think about stuff and this has done its job which is awesome. ^^

So yeah, I started my job on Wednesday and did well - I was pencilled in for 2 days but I finished the work in 1...and lost 150 bucks in the process. I guess I was too good. x.x Here's hoping that work continues with them after the month's up.

Anifile is coming along now. The top 10 sections themselves are ready and now it only requires some final fettling before its debut on the 12th. Masako Muses will be on every Saturday. Since I'm working, Anifile will start sometime in August proper. Kampfer 4 is being worked on also. So yeah...lots of stuff going on.

6 weeks till Anime Evolution - can't wait y'all and the rest of the TFS posse again!


Masako's New Shows

Ahh, last week was a pretty messed up week for a number of reasons. Things went wrong then got sorted...after money exchanged hands. -_-

However, this week has been better. I got loads of Masako Muses recorded (up to episode 6) and those should be broadcast during July. However, that's not the show I had been talking about on my Twitter page.

The new show I have is called Anifile. It'll be a show reviewing anime fresh from Japan starting with a good old fashioned Top 10 anime of mine and then a test review of Angel Beats. I got some really good people behind this including the composer Skitch, the talented artist Angel-Bless and a couple of German animators for a special intro. It's my attempt to do something a little more mainstream after my voice acting show.

Also, I'm a believer in karma. I went into Guildford on Thursday to enquire about an iPhone (couldn't even get in!) and then had a parking ticket with 90 minutes left on it and gave it to a passing guy. Next day, I got a call from a company I had spoken briefly the day before and they gave me work for the whole of July! Karma, right there!

So yeah - Kampfer 4, Masako Muses 1-6, Anifile Top 10, Work and the MasaBlog...yeah, that's a lot of stuff. @-@


Masako Muses...who won at E3?

Thank you all for your feedback. It was greatly appreciated. I've taken the suggestions and have put them into this next musing - who had the best to show at E3 this year? Was it the re-imagining of the DS, the Short Circuit/360 lovechild or Playstation's answer to the Chupa Chup who took the glory in 2010?



Masako Muses...a new pilot show!

A forum post got me thinking - is anime going downhill? Here's my response.


MasaVox Lesson 6

Hey everyone! The final lesson of MasaVox 6 is here for your viewing. :)


The World what now?

Well it's finally here...the World Cup; and naturally, I am not interested in it whatsoever. I used to have a passing interest in soccer many moons ago but I now find to be somewhat inane. True, most could argue that Formula 1 is a lot similar - cars going around the same piece of track 60-odd times; but at least with F1 you get the chance of a crash which looks pretty spectacular...with soccer you just get two men shouting at each other. I can see that on the street.

Next week has been a little thrown off kilter with the week's work being taken away (no fault of my own, I hasten to add) which at least means I can work on Kampfer 4 a little bit. I finally found the OST for the show too which is nice. Also, I'm thinking about online racing again but not quite sure on which setup to use. A laptop stand or HDMI output via my TV...a toughie but I'll figure it out soon enough. Hopefully the job interview I have next week will put that quandary out of my mind. :)

I've been in a better state of mind this week, probably due to the work I did earlier in the week and the sense of satisfaction coupled with it. It's allowed me to relax and think about things in a different way which is always good. ^^

Best wishes!


Bad Safari, that's a bad safari.

I'll get this off my chest right now, I am mad at Apple for shipping the latest Safari update without Flash so you have to download it again. That's not happened before with previous updates - I know you don't like Adobe right now but there's no need to do something so immature. If I hadn't had figured it out, I would've thought my computer was on the blink. Bad Safari! >(

*sigh* Anyways, other than that it's been a good week so far. Did a couple of days' editing for a TV show meaning I now have a credit on satellite TV to look forward to which can only be good for my resume. It was pretty satisfying to hear my client liking what he saw. I've come on in just 2 months working with him. It makes me pleased. I got an interview next week plus the chance of one for something big which I will not talk about at this point in time.

Despite the Safari thing, I do respect my Mac as it does get the job done with stuff and I can do much more more easily on it than I could ever do with Premiere. I feel like I got a good setup at home. All I'd like is more RAM pls. :3

Oh yeah, blogTV in a couple of hours - http://www.blogtv.com/people/MasakoX


Week's end...

Howdy everyone!

Since the blog is beginning to pick up pace, I thought I'd start up an end-of-week report just to keep you guys informed about what's going on with everything. Well, let me begin as there are a few things I'd like to bring up.

Firstly, Naruto Abridged. Yes, I know there are loads of you asking about it and as of now, I'm afraid to say it's on hiatus. I haven't heard from vegeta3986 in over a month now as I think he's been trying as hard as I have to find work. I can only work on the movie for NA when I've got lines in from everyone and there are still a couple that haven't as of yet and until that time, there's not much I can do so I thought I'd tell you guys and give you an answer.

As for other projects, MasaVox 6 is coming along very well and should be ready by the middle of June on both blip and TGWTG. I've managed to get a few people on board for interviews about voice acting; some newbies, fellow abridgers and a couple of new talents in the pro circuit so expect something good. It's my aim for this final lesson to give various perspectives other than my own this time round. Kampfer 4 is gaining momentum - I wrote the script for it in an evening with the help of takahata101 and together we've come up with a good script for a fairly mediocre original episode. There will be a couple of different additions but still the same tongue-in-cheek moments you've come to expect.

Finally, I've just started watching SPN. Jei-tan rates it immensely so I thought that I would take it up as well and it's quite good. It's like Jonathan Creek/Buffy type of vibe; magical murder mystery with a touch of kickass action.

OK, that should do it. Expect another blogTV on Wednesday 5pm EST here - http://www.blogtv.com/people/MasakoX

Catch ya later!


"We've got work to do..."

Well, I just got finished watching the first episode of Supernatural and I have to say that it's not bad, not bad at all. I don't usually watch dramas but with this I thought I would make an extra special effort. =]

The characters aren't 100% original - the older and younger brother duo who are at loggerheads at times but ultimately get on. Despite that, it doesn't put me off as the story is pretty gripping and plausible considering its subject matter, like it could happen in real life. I'm certainly gonna stick with it.

In other news, I had a couple of job interviews yesterday for some editing projects: they went OK. One was more of a footage pickup for a documentary on a girls' school. The other was for a TV station on SKY. Not only that, my regular job source gave me a couple days' work next week for a show which is a welcome shot in the arm financially.

Also, thanks to everyone who has joined the MasakoX fan page on Facebook so far - we're pushing over 700 so far. :)


BlogTV back on tonight!

OK, change of plan we're back on tonight! I apologise for the confusion but what was meant to happen tonight has been pushed back so we're back on as planned. Tonight, in 50 minutes!


Apologies for all this confusion. x.x


Slight change to the lineup

Apologies for springing this on you guys, but the blogTV show will have to be delayed to the following day. Same time, though - 5pm EST on Thursday 3rd June. Be there and witness my new webcam! :D


Wha-Chow is still a go tomorrow so be sure to tune into that! http://www.wha-chow.podomatic.com


BlogTV/Wha-Chow this week

It's that time again. Get your calendars marked for another blogTV session this coming Wednesday at 5pm EST. Feel free to come and chat with me and ask me questions.

Come and sign up here - http://www.blogtv.com/people/MasakoX

Also, I will be guesting on Wha-Chow this week - http://wha-chow.podomatic.com/ - shortly after the blogTV cast. Tune in from 7pm Central to hear the hilarity with PsyGuy, LK, Shady and co!

Good morning, world!

This morning, I woke up. Well, this happens all the time so nothing special there. But this morning was different. Last night was truly wonderful. I am now in a relationship for the first time in my life. I have the greatest girlfriend in the world (I may not have experience, but I know this in my heart.) and all though this may be long distance, I know we can make this work.

Sure, it may seem sad that this is new to me at the age of 23, but this is a true milestone for me. After spending the majority of my life as an obese person, I felt that I could never have a normal life; that I would always be condemned to ridicule and hushed judgement. Granted, I am fairly optimistic and I felt fine about my size at the time because I kept thinking, 'How can I miss something I never had?'. In retrospect, it's tragic that I had lost my entire childhood and teenage years. But ultimately, I think it saved me from making any foolhardy decisions and getting hurt physically and emotionally more than I did; name-calling is nothing to me now. Now that I have reached a normal weight and can do anything I please, I know exactly what I want in life and I know that there is nothing holding me back and I can make measured decisions that are beneficial for all concerned. Hence this is why that I now feel like I have come full circle. I am a normal guy; eccentric, maybe quirky but intrinsically normal. I may not be a risk-taker, but I'm not a boring soul.

You may be wondering why I'm telling you this, but this is something I've wanted to do for 4 years and now I have, I feel elated. If you have read this, thank you - it pleases me that you care about my goings-on. :)


London MCM Expo

I just got back from the London Movie Comic Media Expo today and had a very good day - got to meet loads of fans and people that I've known for ages. I originally planned to go for 1 day to save money for Orlando, but since that sadly didn't happen - I felt rushed today. There's too much, you need to do a whole weekend.

I took part in a Rock Band Tournament with the rest of the TeamFourStar Rock Band (Hosagi, Sky and Whitesquall) where we came 2nd to OMGB& - it was a close call in Round 3, but the final fell down a little bit when our first choice of song wasn't on the list. x.x

In any case, I did have a good time and quite a lot of stuff - including a Metamo Figure brand Nagato figure, a Goku plushie as well as Tokyotoys' legendary Pocky Pack (6 big packs, 3 slim packs, Hi-Chew and some Hello Panda biscuits). Also, I had been tasked to find and try some Honey Milk Pocky by Jei-tan the other day, which I sadly was unable to find...but I found the next big thing - Caramel Milk (as good as butterscotch) Pocky which was just to die for! :O $3 each though! Worth every penny though. <3

So - had a good time and now got Formula One race to look forward to tomorrow which is awesome. Also, I bought Blur on Friday after trading in some games I don't play anymore; I was so close to trading in Bayonetta but I just couldn't do it - it's too insane to do that. XD

Welp, an eventful day! Oh yeah, massive props to the Nadesico cosplayers I saw! That made my day, especially the Ruri!


Show Reel GET!

I've done so much in the past 4 months that I felt like making a new video to showcase my skills in editing. This was the first time I was mixing a reel and I didn't feel the need to stretch out video - I had plenty to work with. That was such a blessing. Anyways, I thought I'd post it here.

MasaVox Lesson 5

Twice in one week?! Yep, you guessed it - here's the fifth lesson. Ideally I will have the sixth out next week. Anyways, for now, here is how to understand critiques.


BlogTV Strikes Again

Well, this week's BlogTV session is almost upon us - I shall be on from 5pm EST.

Join me here!

Unfortunately, the amount of time I'm on will have to be dictated by my brother when he chooses to be picked up from the station. Hopefully we should get a good session tonight. I'll most likely make this a weekly event if tonight goes well. I do enjoy them. :D

Pub lunches = Job interviews?

Seriously, today I went out for a pub lunch with mum to catch up after her week on vacation to find 3 different job interviews/meetings in the next week or so. I know there's even a fourth in the offing the week after that. What is it about pub lunches that suddenly bring on the queries? Was it the cajun chicken or the roasted peppers? o.o

Once I got over that bizarre event, I have to admit that they are a mixed bag of companies - one's quite interesting, one's to do with social events and the other is for a charitable organisation; 2 are paid, 1 isn't but it's for a good cause. Sad as it was for GAMME to be cancelled, it's at least positive to see that the time may be used towards my career.

Also, I'm getting ready for the London MCM Expo this weekend - I'm only going on the 29th (Saturday) as I thought I would be going to GAMME and didn't want to burn myself out with 2 successive weekends away from home but hey, I'll still get to the TFS Rock Band posse again which is always fun. :D

Also, LK released Episode 47 of YGOTAS last night which debuted fully both Kirbopher and the TFS posse. Go check it! It's spiffy sounding!


The MasaBlog goes live...

Hey everyone.

I've now uploaded a video linking to this blog. In it I update you all with my latest wheelings and dealings. One thing I mention is the addition of a PayPal button on the right of this page. I apologise for including it, but it's wholly optional and I won't be stopping giving you MasaVox and other voice acting tips. :)

I love you guys, you're the best thing that has happened to me - you've given me so much feedback and positivity when I've felt really low, like I've got something to live for. I owe you one.

Hope you guys are well and have a great day!

EDIT: I actually INCLUDED the video! XD

Kampfer: The Abridged Series (Episodes 1-3)

Since people have been wanting to know where episode 1 of Kampfer Abridged is, I thought I'd include it in this post along with episode 2 and 3. :)

Episode 3

Episode 2

Episode 1 (thanks to CaptainYoruichi/NarlyFang for uploading this for me!)

MasaVox Lesson 4

I'm really on a roll at the moment, I've got a new blog, new web chat column and now here I present to you the latest MasaVox. Also, lesson 5 should be out at the end of next week too. :D


MasaVox Season 2 - Part 1

For your viewing pleasure, the first of MasaVox - Season 2. :)

Lesson 3

Lesson 2

Lesson 1


Welp, it's about time I got a direct blog up and running. This will run with my Twitter, YT account and blip account.

Expect this as my main hub of communication. :D