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Fighting, ultraviolent gangsters and poker dogtags! Not to mention Goth Neo with slashy skills! It's all in the dank and dystopian world of Togainu no Chi.


I like the way youmoo-ve...

...just a pity you were so expensive. @w@

Now, I love my frozen yogurt (in case you weren't aware already!). So when I heard that Harrod's, the most prestigious department store in the world, hosted a froyo joint - I just HAD to go check it out! Not only that, plus I wish to cheer up Julie by channeling taste vibes to her this thanksgiving day.

So I was in town again for a job spec and afterwards I made my way to Harrod's in Knightsbridge. Most of the store means nothing to me as it's mostly designer clothing and perfume - and expensive varieties at that. It's more fun if you're rich or have access to a credit card. However, I had a reason to be here. Frozen yogurt - at Yoomoo - on the fourth floor. I didn't care it was 34 degrees out, I want this!

Yoomoo, is one of the newer chains of froyo places in London and to have a place in Harrod's is pretty impressive so I was expecting something quite special. After travelling up the Egyptian Escalator to the fourth floor and getting lost in the pet department (It's easy to get lost in Harrod's if you're not on the ground floor.), I made it to my destination. It seems like Yoomoo is part of theDiner, a bistro type affair with its own little kiosk.

The selection of toppings was pretty diverse so I wasn't disappointed in that regard (although it doesn't matter to me - I always order the same). You get two sizes only - regular and large. So I got my control which I evaluate all my reviews with: natural flavour with blueberries.

Unlike other places, you're not handed your pot and given a plastic spoon. It's brought to you. In a porcelain bowl. With a posh spoon no less! All rather fancy, so I take my first spoonful and savour it. It's silky and smooth with a very light flavour - a lot like Yogurtry in a way; but then the flavour disappeared quite quickly which meant I had to go for another spoonful...and then another...and then another. Before I knew it, it was all gone. I felt a little unfulfilled. Don't get me wrong, it tasted very nice and it was up there in terms of texture but the flavour was lacking. Despite this, there was one thing that wasn't meek in the slightest - the bill. One regular froyo with one topping comes in at £8.00!!! EIGHT QUID! That's double than Yogurtry and Muffinski's similarly specced offerings - COMBINED!

I was reeling from this when I paid, but I knew the price would be steep. One - I'm in freakin' Harrod's! Everything's expensive. Two - the service is pretty different to what you normally get (not that it's better, it's just more formal). Three - there's one option called the magnificentmoo. I won't say much more other than that it involves 23 carat gold and you losing fourteen of your British pounds for the privilege. The staff were diligent and reasonable but not very knowing about their product. All in all, I was left unsatisfied for what I paid for. I won't be making a special visit here again. I would much rather go to Muffinski's for something half the price - which is what I did; and quite frankly, it tastes just as good if not slightly better.

Yoomoo serves good froyo...I just wish you didn't have to pay through the nose for it.


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When is a muffin not a muffin...?

...when you get frozen yogurt! XD

I had a job interview earlier today and what better way to reward myself then to go to one of my favourite froyo haunts - Muffinski's. Based just off Covent Garden, Muffinski's primarily serves freshly made muffins which range from fruit toppings to white chocolate delights. Now I don't tend to go for muffins all that often (I prefer cupcakes, if I'm honest! The cupcakes Julie made at Youmacon for me were divine!), but I spotted one day that they did frozen yogurt too. It struck as a pleasant surprise so a few months back I went and investigated.

Muffinski's offer you two basics flavours to begin with - natural or chocolate. However, if you want, they do offer you the choice to blend your favourite fruit with the yogurt instead of having it as a topping which is a pretty adventurous option which I welcome. Prices too are very welcome, starting at £2.90 for a small natural froyo for the first-time sampler which is below what specialist stores charge. Sizes are your standard Small (105 cal), Medium (250 cal) and Large (370 cal) but to be honest, a medium sized one will do you good.

Now when it comes to my personal choice whenever I go, it would have to a medium natural with orange crunch topping. Usually I go with blueberries, but the orange crunch (like its name implies) is pretty unique and deserves an outing for my taste buds. So I tuck in and remember why I rate this place really high. The texture of the yogurt is so smooth and the flavour is really subtle. It's one of those that you can't pace, you just have to keep on nibbling away until it's all gone and you are sad. If you're ever in Covent Garden and are looking to try frozen yogurt for the first time but want to have the option of a baked good too, Muffinski's is the place to go!

Now before I close, I also remembered when I worked in Hatton Garden last year that I used to frequent Itsu (a popular sushi chain in London) and they had frozen yogurt too - in fact, it was THE place I discovered it. So I thought I'd go back to the one on Regent St and sample a small one with honey roasted cashews on top. It's very different to Muffinski's. This is a LOT more tart and coarse which is also good for froyo. It should either by smooth and fresh or slightly coarse and tart, like normal yogurt. It was nice to try it again, but Muffinski's still wins my affections.

I really gotta get to America and try Yogaberry - see how it's REALLY done. XD


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