Masako's New Shows

Ahh, last week was a pretty messed up week for a number of reasons. Things went wrong then got sorted...after money exchanged hands. -_-

However, this week has been better. I got loads of Masako Muses recorded (up to episode 6) and those should be broadcast during July. However, that's not the show I had been talking about on my Twitter page.

The new show I have is called Anifile. It'll be a show reviewing anime fresh from Japan starting with a good old fashioned Top 10 anime of mine and then a test review of Angel Beats. I got some really good people behind this including the composer Skitch, the talented artist Angel-Bless and a couple of German animators for a special intro. It's my attempt to do something a little more mainstream after my voice acting show.

Also, I'm a believer in karma. I went into Guildford on Thursday to enquire about an iPhone (couldn't even get in!) and then had a parking ticket with 90 minutes left on it and gave it to a passing guy. Next day, I got a call from a company I had spoken briefly the day before and they gave me work for the whole of July! Karma, right there!

So yeah - Kampfer 4, Masako Muses 1-6, Anifile Top 10, Work and the MasaBlog...yeah, that's a lot of stuff. @-@


Masako Muses...who won at E3?

Thank you all for your feedback. It was greatly appreciated. I've taken the suggestions and have put them into this next musing - who had the best to show at E3 this year? Was it the re-imagining of the DS, the Short Circuit/360 lovechild or Playstation's answer to the Chupa Chup who took the glory in 2010?



Masako Muses...a new pilot show!

A forum post got me thinking - is anime going downhill? Here's my response.


MasaVox Lesson 6

Hey everyone! The final lesson of MasaVox 6 is here for your viewing. :)


The World what now?

Well it's finally here...the World Cup; and naturally, I am not interested in it whatsoever. I used to have a passing interest in soccer many moons ago but I now find to be somewhat inane. True, most could argue that Formula 1 is a lot similar - cars going around the same piece of track 60-odd times; but at least with F1 you get the chance of a crash which looks pretty spectacular...with soccer you just get two men shouting at each other. I can see that on the street.

Next week has been a little thrown off kilter with the week's work being taken away (no fault of my own, I hasten to add) which at least means I can work on Kampfer 4 a little bit. I finally found the OST for the show too which is nice. Also, I'm thinking about online racing again but not quite sure on which setup to use. A laptop stand or HDMI output via my TV...a toughie but I'll figure it out soon enough. Hopefully the job interview I have next week will put that quandary out of my mind. :)

I've been in a better state of mind this week, probably due to the work I did earlier in the week and the sense of satisfaction coupled with it. It's allowed me to relax and think about things in a different way which is always good. ^^

Best wishes!


Bad Safari, that's a bad safari.

I'll get this off my chest right now, I am mad at Apple for shipping the latest Safari update without Flash so you have to download it again. That's not happened before with previous updates - I know you don't like Adobe right now but there's no need to do something so immature. If I hadn't had figured it out, I would've thought my computer was on the blink. Bad Safari! >(

*sigh* Anyways, other than that it's been a good week so far. Did a couple of days' editing for a TV show meaning I now have a credit on satellite TV to look forward to which can only be good for my resume. It was pretty satisfying to hear my client liking what he saw. I've come on in just 2 months working with him. It makes me pleased. I got an interview next week plus the chance of one for something big which I will not talk about at this point in time.

Despite the Safari thing, I do respect my Mac as it does get the job done with stuff and I can do much more more easily on it than I could ever do with Premiere. I feel like I got a good setup at home. All I'd like is more RAM pls. :3

Oh yeah, blogTV in a couple of hours - http://www.blogtv.com/people/MasakoX


Week's end...

Howdy everyone!

Since the blog is beginning to pick up pace, I thought I'd start up an end-of-week report just to keep you guys informed about what's going on with everything. Well, let me begin as there are a few things I'd like to bring up.

Firstly, Naruto Abridged. Yes, I know there are loads of you asking about it and as of now, I'm afraid to say it's on hiatus. I haven't heard from vegeta3986 in over a month now as I think he's been trying as hard as I have to find work. I can only work on the movie for NA when I've got lines in from everyone and there are still a couple that haven't as of yet and until that time, there's not much I can do so I thought I'd tell you guys and give you an answer.

As for other projects, MasaVox 6 is coming along very well and should be ready by the middle of June on both blip and TGWTG. I've managed to get a few people on board for interviews about voice acting; some newbies, fellow abridgers and a couple of new talents in the pro circuit so expect something good. It's my aim for this final lesson to give various perspectives other than my own this time round. Kampfer 4 is gaining momentum - I wrote the script for it in an evening with the help of takahata101 and together we've come up with a good script for a fairly mediocre original episode. There will be a couple of different additions but still the same tongue-in-cheek moments you've come to expect.

Finally, I've just started watching SPN. Jei-tan rates it immensely so I thought that I would take it up as well and it's quite good. It's like Jonathan Creek/Buffy type of vibe; magical murder mystery with a touch of kickass action.

OK, that should do it. Expect another blogTV on Wednesday 5pm EST here - http://www.blogtv.com/people/MasakoX

Catch ya later!


"We've got work to do..."

Well, I just got finished watching the first episode of Supernatural and I have to say that it's not bad, not bad at all. I don't usually watch dramas but with this I thought I would make an extra special effort. =]

The characters aren't 100% original - the older and younger brother duo who are at loggerheads at times but ultimately get on. Despite that, it doesn't put me off as the story is pretty gripping and plausible considering its subject matter, like it could happen in real life. I'm certainly gonna stick with it.

In other news, I had a couple of job interviews yesterday for some editing projects: they went OK. One was more of a footage pickup for a documentary on a girls' school. The other was for a TV station on SKY. Not only that, my regular job source gave me a couple days' work next week for a show which is a welcome shot in the arm financially.

Also, thanks to everyone who has joined the MasakoX fan page on Facebook so far - we're pushing over 700 so far. :)


BlogTV back on tonight!

OK, change of plan we're back on tonight! I apologise for the confusion but what was meant to happen tonight has been pushed back so we're back on as planned. Tonight, in 50 minutes!


Apologies for all this confusion. x.x


Slight change to the lineup

Apologies for springing this on you guys, but the blogTV show will have to be delayed to the following day. Same time, though - 5pm EST on Thursday 3rd June. Be there and witness my new webcam! :D


Wha-Chow is still a go tomorrow so be sure to tune into that! http://www.wha-chow.podomatic.com