Anifile - Christmas Special

It's the Christmas holidays! What a way to make the most of this festive season then to regail in the tale of randy plushies and magical heroines! Yep, it's the Holiday Special of Kampfer. Madcap merriment for all!


Console Classics - Pilot: Sega Saturn

Mr Gammington-Smythe travels to the future and brings back an artefact of future entertainment - the game console! In this edition, he brings back a Sega Saturn!


Anifile - Kanokon

Watch Masako rage as we take a look at Kanokon - The Girl Who Cried Wolf! Boobs, sexual 'humour' and pointless characters ;pretty much sums up all that is wrong with the majority of mainstream anime these days. Not only that - the main guy is an absolute weed!


Masako Makes...PROTEIN SALAD!

Greetings, all. Season 2 of Anifile is drawing to a close - you can catch all of my previous videos here (http://masakox.blip.tv).

However, today's post is a recipe I wish to share with y'all. It's becoming my favourite meal and a dish of my own concoction. It's chock full of protein and is good for a dinner or lunch at 50g + of protein and between 500-570 calories depending on what you got to hand so here goes:


1 tin sardines/mackerel (in tomato sauce/sunflower oil)
3oz chicken slices or chunks (cut up or pre-cut)
1oz cottage cheese
1/3oz tomato chutney
2/3oz mozzarella (or any kind of mild cheese like edam, swiss cheese)
1/2oz pate (Brussels pate ideally)
1 tomato (chopped up) [optional]
2 mushrooms (chopped up)
2/3oz coleslaw
2/3oz chopped leeks

Simply mix these ingredients into a bowl with a fork twisting the fork too as to break up the ingredients a little bit. Add a touch of cayenne pepper and oregano if you have some or any kind of warm/fiery spice that you like. Microwave for about 4 minutes (keep a piece of tissue paper over the bowl cos the sardines will explode in the heat and it saves you having to clear it up). Then mix again once removed from microwave and spoon into a salad bowl. Add about 1oz of mixed lettuce leaves or any type of salad of your choice. Mix in with the mashup and then serve.

Very filling dish and chock full of protein goodness. =D Let me know if you've tried it.

Anifile - Bakuman

Moritaka wants to lead a normal life...but when the thought of horizontal action arises, his dream to be a manga artist burns with a passion! Can one of the pre-season favourites draw up a masterpiece?