Anifile - Wolverine

The second in the Madhouse/Marvel teamups, Wolverine is all about the slashy-slashy fisticuffs that we all know and treasure from the legendary X-Men franchise. Can this nostalgia translate to a Japanese production?


  1. I can't say that recent Wolverine output has impressed me much either, but this adaption appears to have gotten rid of some of the most important parts of the character, to me.

    1) Wolverine is supposed to be short auuurrrrhhh. Seriously, that's an important part of his design!
    2) Wolverine is at his best when involved in mentoring young teenaged girls. Never seen him mentor a boy, butthat'd be fine too.
    3) Mariko is way more of a badass than I can glean from this review.
    4) Needs moar bodyhair. It's like making a ninja turtle into a bird or something.

    I'm interested to know if, had this adaption included these things, you'd have been more or less newly interested in Wolverine after it finished than you were?

  2. Masako: I respect your video contributions however I would like to point out that Wolverine is in no way Ghetto.