Anifile - Kia Asamiya Month: Nadesico

And now, one of Asamiya's greatest works. Masako's favourite anime ever and probably one of the best parodies of the mecha genre, it became a success of its own accord.


  1. I just watched your review on 'thatguywiththeglasses.com'. I have to agree that the movie sequel was a lot darker then the light hearted series. I still enjoyed it, but I didn't think it wrapped everything up completely.
    A friend of mine pointed me to a fanfic written back in '01. I had my doubts at first, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was nicely written I think.
    Set after the movie, its titled Chasing the Darkness.
    I hope you'll like it.


  2. I am really glad to see some love given to this awesome series. It truly deserves some attention, and I thank you deeply for that.

    Concerning the second season, drama novels and the videogames, it has been my hobby for the past few years to recollect all possible information on the subject, with a certain degree of success.
    Right here: http://forums.animesuki.com/showthread.php?t=2268&page=6

    According to Tatsuo Sato, he worked over a year designing the basis for the next Nadesico season, right after the cancellation of the movie trilogy plans. Unfortunately, it appears Xebec had some legal issues with King Records, this, combined with an internal strife between the team members, shut down the project.

    He's also said that the sequel series was pretty much fleshed out (there's even one Drama Cd that has the characters theorizing about how will their upcoming adventure be). Possible reboot perhaps?

    Both videogames "Blank of Three Years" and "The Mission" lay up the groundwork for said sequel, but in no way conclude the series, as the first leads into the movie and the second one ends with a "To be Continued".

    Still, read my resume of the game's plot and if you have any doubts, questions or topics you want to discuss, send them through Animesuki and I'll gladly respond.


  3. I love this Anime and Manga... and what is it a Manga by Kenji Gotoh ???@.@ im comfused... I thoung that all Nadesico mangas was by Kia... after all Kia is amazing and Kenji is great