Anifile - Hen Zemi

Fruit flies...in weird places. Passing gas...in bathtubs. Some people find this attractive. I don't - but the people in this anime do. Be prepared for something pretty disturbing in Hen Zemi.


  1. Masako....I am so sorry you had to watch this, and I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks for taking the proverbial bullet for those of us who were standoffish about watching it.

    I feel like I narrowly escaped something horrible by procrastinating watching this.You, good sir, are a hero in my book! Now if you'll excuse me I have to go take a shower...I didn't even watch the whole episode and I feel violated T_T

  2. Hmmm, after this torture, I can really think you need something completely DIFFRENT to sink your teeth into...

    C the money of souls and possiblity control should be perfect for you.

    That being said. Thank you. dear god. thank you for watching this... so I didn't have to. You are truely a strong man for it.

  3. I've raised fruit flies before for a research project. While I may not be a fruit fly expert, I am familiar with how they breed, and the mess it makes in agar jelly. So I can confidently say that not only is that disgusting, but incredibly dangerous. She'd go deaf, at the VERY least.

    Though I have to admit, the mad scientist in me is intrigued by the idea...

  4. This series is one I havent watched this season, but if you think this is bad you should watch Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai, it is on of the most borderline hentai things I have ever seen and the amount of fanservice in just the first episode is jaw dropping
    That said I also agree that you should do a reaction to c the money of the soul and the possibility of the soul or nichijou

  5. I watched the OVA of this that came out sometime back, and I leave the room when ever my Anime Club decides to toss it on the screen.
    Now if only you had a Tardus to go back in time with and worn yourself to never touch this stuff.

  6. baleve it or not this type of class isint all the uncomen thow not to the shows langths my friend of mine tuck a sexualalaty and feddish studys class as a suplamentory class to his psychology and sociology corse and i had a chans to thumb thew one of the text books its acholy a fasanating feaild of stuid and let me streach this further numthing at all like how the show portras it