When is a muffin not a muffin...?

...when you get frozen yogurt! XD

I had a job interview earlier today and what better way to reward myself then to go to one of my favourite froyo haunts - Muffinski's. Based just off Covent Garden, Muffinski's primarily serves freshly made muffins which range from fruit toppings to white chocolate delights. Now I don't tend to go for muffins all that often (I prefer cupcakes, if I'm honest! The cupcakes Julie made at Youmacon for me were divine!), but I spotted one day that they did frozen yogurt too. It struck as a pleasant surprise so a few months back I went and investigated.

Muffinski's offer you two basics flavours to begin with - natural or chocolate. However, if you want, they do offer you the choice to blend your favourite fruit with the yogurt instead of having it as a topping which is a pretty adventurous option which I welcome. Prices too are very welcome, starting at £2.90 for a small natural froyo for the first-time sampler which is below what specialist stores charge. Sizes are your standard Small (105 cal), Medium (250 cal) and Large (370 cal) but to be honest, a medium sized one will do you good.

Now when it comes to my personal choice whenever I go, it would have to a medium natural with orange crunch topping. Usually I go with blueberries, but the orange crunch (like its name implies) is pretty unique and deserves an outing for my taste buds. So I tuck in and remember why I rate this place really high. The texture of the yogurt is so smooth and the flavour is really subtle. It's one of those that you can't pace, you just have to keep on nibbling away until it's all gone and you are sad. If you're ever in Covent Garden and are looking to try frozen yogurt for the first time but want to have the option of a baked good too, Muffinski's is the place to go!

Now before I close, I also remembered when I worked in Hatton Garden last year that I used to frequent Itsu (a popular sushi chain in London) and they had frozen yogurt too - in fact, it was THE place I discovered it. So I thought I'd go back to the one on Regent St and sample a small one with honey roasted cashews on top. It's very different to Muffinski's. This is a LOT more tart and coarse which is also good for froyo. It should either by smooth and fresh or slightly coarse and tart, like normal yogurt. It was nice to try it again, but Muffinski's still wins my affections.

I really gotta get to America and try Yogaberry - see how it's REALLY done. XD

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