Anifile - The World God Only Knows

Marvel as a guy who can acquire the affections of any girl in a dating sim at will. But his skill unwittingly unleashes the evils of hell to unsuspecting girls and it's his job to sort it out. A geek hero...I can assure you, this ain't no Gary-Stu story.


  1. I started reading this manga, thinking the same thing, this is a rather odd manga. The hero can plot out how exactly to hook up with women because of his vast knowledge of Dating Sim games. The ditsy heroine can make her scarf basically, well, do anything. And so Keima throughout the series parades through the town practically IDing every girl and their stereotypical dating sim type and uses that info to win them over. The silly thing is his conquests up until, what I assume will be, the end of the season are all just a semi-clever build up for the next big arc. It is an oddly addicting show.
    This series does have a cult following AFAIK. The mangaka celebrated with one of his releases informing that his manga would become an anime.

  2. Thanks to you and my brother I found a show that I love. I wish season 3 would come out.