Anifile - C [Control]

Money makes the world go round. Money is also the basis of killer battles where you fight for every single dime you have. C [Control] is the anime which makes financial prudence exciting.


  1. Thanks for taking my suggestion ^^;
    C; the money of soul and possiblity control, is quite litterally a very refreshing anime. It gets even more amusing when you consider the little pun they made with "Futures." being both an economic word and someones 'future.'

    Hence. a loss of lifepoints means they lose their future. You can piece the dots from there.

    Not sure what other anime I might suggest, only other series I'm really watching is Deadman Wonderland... that series is kinda well a hit or miss.

    If you want an old anime to check out for a retrospect? Try Kino no Tabi, or Kino's Journey. Its a bit slow to start, but it does have an interesting story structure.

  2. An old anime? I'm sure we'd ALL absolutely love to see Masako review Neon Genesis Evangelion......without crashing all of our computers in the process.