London MCM Expo

I just got back from the London Movie Comic Media Expo today and had a very good day - got to meet loads of fans and people that I've known for ages. I originally planned to go for 1 day to save money for Orlando, but since that sadly didn't happen - I felt rushed today. There's too much, you need to do a whole weekend.

I took part in a Rock Band Tournament with the rest of the TeamFourStar Rock Band (Hosagi, Sky and Whitesquall) where we came 2nd to OMGB& - it was a close call in Round 3, but the final fell down a little bit when our first choice of song wasn't on the list. x.x

In any case, I did have a good time and quite a lot of stuff - including a Metamo Figure brand Nagato figure, a Goku plushie as well as Tokyotoys' legendary Pocky Pack (6 big packs, 3 slim packs, Hi-Chew and some Hello Panda biscuits). Also, I had been tasked to find and try some Honey Milk Pocky by Jei-tan the other day, which I sadly was unable to find...but I found the next big thing - Caramel Milk (as good as butterscotch) Pocky which was just to die for! :O $3 each though! Worth every penny though. <3

So - had a good time and now got Formula One race to look forward to tomorrow which is awesome. Also, I bought Blur on Friday after trading in some games I don't play anymore; I was so close to trading in Bayonetta but I just couldn't do it - it's too insane to do that. XD

Welp, an eventful day! Oh yeah, massive props to the Nadesico cosplayers I saw! That made my day, especially the Ruri!

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