Pub lunches = Job interviews?

Seriously, today I went out for a pub lunch with mum to catch up after her week on vacation to find 3 different job interviews/meetings in the next week or so. I know there's even a fourth in the offing the week after that. What is it about pub lunches that suddenly bring on the queries? Was it the cajun chicken or the roasted peppers? o.o

Once I got over that bizarre event, I have to admit that they are a mixed bag of companies - one's quite interesting, one's to do with social events and the other is for a charitable organisation; 2 are paid, 1 isn't but it's for a good cause. Sad as it was for GAMME to be cancelled, it's at least positive to see that the time may be used towards my career.

Also, I'm getting ready for the London MCM Expo this weekend - I'm only going on the 29th (Saturday) as I thought I would be going to GAMME and didn't want to burn myself out with 2 successive weekends away from home but hey, I'll still get to the TFS Rock Band posse again which is always fun. :D

Also, LK released Episode 47 of YGOTAS last night which debuted fully both Kirbopher and the TFS posse. Go check it! It's spiffy sounding!

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  1. You did a great job with your part in ep. 47! Good luck with the interviews!