Anifile - Highschool of the Dead

Violence, sex and zombies! The perfect recipe for a slasher series or a slapdash mess of plot devices? Masako reviews in this edition of Anifile, High School of the Dead to find out the answer.


  1. I love your intro so much. Onto Fan-service of the Dead I have been watching this and the schizophrenic nature of a few characters has been annoying me slightly. And i completely agree that fan-service is kinda ruining it for me, especially the episode where they lock themselves in a house, so what should we do? Have 10 minutes of them in a bathroom playing with each other! Errmm zombie apocalypse please. Anyway very nice first review and i look forward to your opinions on other anime

  2. Yeah, I couldn't get past the fan service when it was in the manga. It's just way to big of an Achilles's heel. Why do you need fan-service on the first chapter or episode anyway?

    Also, I thought you were doing Angel Beats as your first review. When can we see that?

  3. its a good show the manga duse a better job and has les fan serves