Masako Muses...Sega

Sega - it is one of the names that stands out in video gaming history. It's had a rough few years as of late but it's had its moments. Why isn't it as steadfast as Nintendo? Did poor marketing condemn its relatively solid hardware before it even had a chance or is it something more fundamental with its image?

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  1. I didn't hear you mention Phantasy Star Online. Bummer. :\ I would have wanted to hear more opinions about it, it seems interesting.

    I played Flashback on my SNES, and when I heard that it's also on Mega Drive, I instantly thought that the game would have run better on it. :D At least the intro movie was kind of sluggish on SNES.

    Yet, I have always been with Nintendo. I think I may have never played on a Sega console... Huh.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts about Sega. (: