Anifile - Protectors of Universe

As we wait for the fall anime schedule to begin broadcasting, Masako brings a 'classic delight' to our attention. A poorly constructed Korean knockoff mecha movie feebly trying to disguise its bastardisation of the Mazinger franchise. Watch out as Alfred and his minions attack this awkwardly shoddy flick!


  1. Boy howdy, that looked awful. And not only was Mazinger 7 a knock off of Mazinger, Voltron and Gundam (The colour scheme), but I noticed other knock-offs as the film went thru. Like the first enemy robot is clearly Raideen! And most characters look like they were taken out from Gundam, Gatchaman, Voltes V and even more robot shows from the 70s. There's no shame in this movie.

  2. Hey Man, Great Work as always,
    But I think you should take a look at this review by some of
    your friends over at TGWTG.com
    Stock footage indeed!