YogurTRY IT! It's good!

So, I went up to London yesterday to have a birthday meal with some of my friends from different parts of my life and see whether they would end up liking each other. Utter success! It was brilliant to see everyone and hang out in London's busy entertainment district.

But before that, I had some spare time to kill. So when I got up to Waterloo, I took the Northern line to Hampstead where I had been looking up frozen yogurt places in London that I hadn't been to up to now. I came across a cool looking one called Yogurtry.

From the visage alone, I knew I was in for something pretty good. So, after a 20 minute tube ride I was eager to try out some frozen treats. The impressive apperance continues inside with a very colourful interior and clear menu options.

In terms of toppings, you could have anything you wanted: fruit, chocolates, sauces and candies - you name it! Not only that, what differentiated Yogurtry from everywhere else is that they offer 8 flavours of yogurt including Natural in Small (100ml), Regular (200ml) and Large (400ml). So I went for the benchmark for me - a Regular Natural flavour with Blueberries.

So, I got it after £3.90 - and it was worthy EVERY penny. It was divine! Some froyo end up being kind of crystally, not that it's a bad thing but this froyo was so utterly creamy. Silky smooth - this rivals Muffinski's in Covent Garden for that. This was worth every penny. If you're in North London and can get near Hampstead - go here! It's a wonderful place to go and the value is good for what it is.


  1. I've to a place in Hyde Park called Snog. It's also a Yogurt place and it's very similar to Yogurtry. You should go there as well :P

  2. What rubbish! Yogurtry is in a different league to Snog. Snog use a powder base and Yogurtry is fresh!!!!

  3. I LOVE Yogurtry! It's so good - especially the peanut better one. Why did you think I didn't? o.O

  4. Don't believe a word of it. Their yogurt is made by a company called Plas Farm who are known for making false claims and being spurious about their nutritional info to say the least. As for having made yogurt for 20 years as claimed on the Yogutry website, the company only formed about 3 or 4 years ago.