October Arrives

Hey everyone.

I apologise for not being more personally active in the blog. However, I do appreciate the comments that I receive and they go into making Anifile better with every episode. One show I'm keen to review is Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt - from the intro alone it seems to be quite a rockin' tune! Whether the actual anime turns out to be the same is another matter though.

The freelance editing work has dried up somewhat but I don't let it get me down as I still have plenty to do which aid towards me gaining more experience. It's interesting to have a dynamic following which can tell me where to improve and what to avoid; it helps tremendously and for that I am really grateful.

However, there was one comment on a recent Facebook entry that worried me...the person considered me creepy. That hurt me somewhat cos I know I may come off as quite brash and overenthusiastic in my reviews, but I wouldn't want to make the show boring or anything so I play up to the camera. I apologise profusely if I creep some of you out. :(

In any case, 2 more episodes are out this weekend including the Protectors of Universe review that I just posted. It'll be a good month also cos it's my 24th birthday on the 15th! I know this may seem a little forward but the other members of TFS and TGWTG have done so so I thought I'd follow suit and post my amazon wish list. ^^; http://www.amazon.co.uk/wishlist/2QSBMWGAXNEYE

Finally, Youmacon is now at the end of month so I am really excited to meet you if you can make it to Detroit on the 28th through 31st.

Merry tidings, my Masakists!


  1. Dude! 24!?! (soon to be) Congratulations!

  2. Creepy!? Pfhbt. Anifile always brightens my day. Especially when you reviewed Amagami SS which I was already watching and you didn't hate it, which made me feel somewhat less guilty for enjoying it :)

    Cheers from down under!