Anifile - FREEZING

Mankind's only hope for survivial against aliens are steroid-ridden hot girls with weedy guys as sidekicks. Freezing thrusts its ample chest into the fray for all to see.


  1. I was already used to the continue/cancel system from when you introduced it in a previous blog entry about shows you weren't able to make anifile episodes of. It's nice to see it in video format, and I do think it'll be a better system than just rating a first impression on a numbered scale. I may not have commented on here before, but as always I enjoyed the video. Your sense of humor is fun, and it's enjoyable hearing what you have to think about these shows. I should also thank you, because I've never really been informed enough to go about finding out what new shows there are until all my friends have seen several episodes, are raving about it, and I have nothing to talk to them about in regards to it, so you end up helping me find series to watch. Using your impressions, I watch the ones I think I'll find appealing, and so far I've been enjoying myself. So thank you for the awesome videos, and I look forward to what you provide for us in the future.

  2. i was acholy a fan of the manwa(I know i am spelling that wrong) and despite this anime being better then the aouthers preveus work that got a anime adaptation(black god) i still had to drop it do ti the fact that they have rely messed with the story for exsampel exsplaning about things are rely mixed up and pandora mode was completly bucherd and looks nuthing like its comic conterpart all this and more led me to drop it but this dusint meen its bad its just that as a fan of the origol work it is a sub par adaptation at best and i rely sugest you read it too