Anifile - Spring Review Recommendations

Spring is about to makes its entrance into 2011 [FINALLY!] and I'm about to plot out my main 6 reviews for the season of anime that is about to hit our screens. At the end of the previous season of Anifile I got tons of requests for shows which made the cut [just] for the winter lineup. I like listening to your feedback and so I thought I would ask you all for your recommendations for shows you would like me to review. I already have some shows that I will aim to review such as:

  • X-Men [I've reviewed Iron Man and Wolverine already from the Marvel/Madhouse posse so why not?]
  • Moshidora [This series has had a lot of praise from publications such as The Economist]
  • Steins;Gate [A microwave time machine?! Yes please!]
  • Toriko [A chef who travels around the world for the best ingredients and recipes - that's a new one for me!]

I am intending to review 6 shows, especially since the show selection this season is pretty generic. Tons of slice of life shows, a worrying amount of sexually-driven series and of course the usual merch-driven franchises. Maybes for me are:

  • Hanasaku Iroha [A young teen moves out to a hot spring and starts life anew. Little safe, but the animation is gorgeous.]
  • Appleseed XIII [I'm a sucker for Shirow - any revival of a show of this ilk is something I wanna get behind.]

And of course I wanna review at least 1 anime that is horrible. Well, I say wanna. I feel I should review one.

So yeah - feel free to suggest a show! If you want a full rundown, here's a very spiffy list from the guys at Chart Driver.


  1. Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist) could be an awesome show to see a review of

  2. C is looking pretty interesting, I'm not quite sure what it's about but it seems to involve banking and adventure.

  3. It's not a new series (they've been going for 201 episodes now), but Gintama is absolutely amazing. It's a comedy/parody series, and basically doesn't have a plot - definitely watch it, even if you don't review. By the way, all of the old Gintama episodes are available on Crunchyroll. Seriously, you won't regret watching it.

  4. ''a worrying amount of sexually-driven''
    Not really? It's around the same percent as every other past Spring.

    Anyway, Spring Season, as usual, has a few shows that will be remembered years down the line (Ao no Exorcist for being an action show with a budget and C being kenji nakamura child. Also Hanasaku Iroha for the extremely talented staff (Little safe? ..lol?) but I fear that it will end up being a waste) with the rest just ... being average mostly. Sure there is the regular ''good'' shows, the regular ''bad'' shows but nothing outstanding is here. In short, a stereotypical Spring season.

    Oh well, Fall is where the money makers are, Summer and Winter is where the more memorable anime is, and Spring is where the rest go.

    ''I wanna review at least 1 anime that is horrible''

    The show is set out to be horrid from the very beginning on every aspect that it would take a miracle for it to not suck royally.

  5. Dear Masa

    I have been watching your shows form time to time on that guy with the glasses and I have found you to be a ok to good reviewer of anime. I myself am not a reviewer and I am actually very forgiveing when it comes down to my shows and movies.
    But I find myself in unfamiler terrtoiry after I watched a anmated movie called LaMB. This movie hurt my soul. It is by far the most wasted potainal I have ever seen and I am hurt because of it. As of this post its been 3 to 4 days since I watched it and for me to still be hurt by it is saying alot.
    I have read other peoples comments on it and have come with 4 problems with it.
    Problem 1 the animation. The movie is done in a kind of flash style. This for me is ok and it didn't hurt me.
    Problem 2 the voice acting. Form what I am told the voice acting in this movie was subpar to terrible give on who you talk to. For me it was subpar seeing as I have a hard time hearing the human voice.
    Problem 3 the hype. This moive was hyped alot before its release. However seeing as I have watched it aleast a full 2 year after it was release I don't have much to say on it.
    Problem 4 the story. This is the thorn in my soul. The story revoles around the life of Jack Grizwald a furtureistic sienceist that has the abilty to make plant life form scrach. Haveing just lost his wife he comes to the planet Cerra where he is put to work on makeing it lush and fertile. After a problem with his cleaner robot he is introduece to the world of owning a Lamb a convited that has been put thru a process called Lamination. A process that makes them stronger beautiful and have no free will. It is here that he meets eve 1135 and is wisked into the poliacal and moral battle of lamination and his growing forbbian romance with eve.
    In theroy it sound like a good story but the resulting mess is wasted story ground, little charcetur devolpment, and plotholes galor.
    This is for the first time that a movie has hurt me in such a way. And the only way I could lessen it was to share it. Please don't buy this as its a waste of money go see it on youtube. Here is a link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hkVe90hf64&feature=feedf

    I thank you for your time reading my comment.
    Sinsecerly Watcher313.

    P.S Make the hurting stop.

    P.P.S Sorry about the bad spelling.

  6. Oh dear, I love you're videos! this program looks very good. If you have time, can you review of juste watch a manga called "Hetalia? *3*
    it's very imaginative, damn funny =)...And... pretty strange' too ô.o