The musing has sparked debate...excellent!

Hmm, well Masako Muses debuted on TGWTG earlier today and has proved to be quite a talking point. Nigh on 6,000 views and quite a few very discursive and well-written replies to it which is what I wanted. I like to know what you guys think about stuff and this has done its job which is awesome. ^^

So yeah, I started my job on Wednesday and did well - I was pencilled in for 2 days but I finished the work in 1...and lost 150 bucks in the process. I guess I was too good. x.x Here's hoping that work continues with them after the month's up.

Anifile is coming along now. The top 10 sections themselves are ready and now it only requires some final fettling before its debut on the 12th. Masako Muses will be on every Saturday. Since I'm working, Anifile will start sometime in August proper. Kampfer 4 is being worked on also. So yeah...lots of stuff going on.

6 weeks till Anime Evolution - can't wait y'all and the rest of the TFS posse again!


  1. Hey Masako, this is Alusiphus [shinji,kuwa on skype]

    Albeit some parts of your muse I could disagree with, a lot of your points were correct and it's true that our availability is sparking some negative accusations. However, this same amount of access also causes sparks in interest, increases the market audience, therefore giving more of an audience to market to. Your ideas of generic anime is only a percentage, albeit large, of the total amount of anime which does span a lot of different types. I believe that with the increased audience comes an increased amount of anime for different people. Yes, the mainstream is slowly surrendering to obscurity, but it's surrendering to the larger, more adaptive threshold that is anime itself. However, that's my opinion.

    Anyway, I have an idea for your next muse. What is your opinion of how RPGs are changing? A lot of games these days are trying to make themselves different from the usual archetypes of RPGs such as the SNES "Fight, Magic, Run with a World Map" RPGs, or the "World of Warcraft, Everquest II skill bar at the bottom of the screen that you select while standing in one place attacking over and over and over" battle systems. When trying to change from the styles of gameplay that make RPGs and MMORPGs alike the way they are, what are they introducing that can help them change for the better? By introducing ideas and mechanisms from different types of games [FPSs, Arcade Fighting games, Hack'n'slash games, racing games, et cetera], are they improving on the archetype that is the RPG, or are they slowly branching into their own types? What is the future of the RPG?


    PS: Contact me on Skype if you wanna talk about the whole RPG changing thingie.


  2. Hey Masako,

    I like this whole Masako Muses idea thing you have going, but one thing I didn't quite agree was the, Slice of Life thing. Cause it's more than School actually. Sure, a majority of the genre is school boy and school girl in high school but those are the present day knock offs of whats good now, at least that's my current belief.

    However, one of my favorite Slice of Life stories that is still running is Bakuman. Maybe you have heard it? Here's a link: http://beta.onemanga.com/Bakuman/

    From the creators of Death Note comes this story and it's basically about two boys who team up and dream to become mangaka's for their own reasons. Sure there is romance involved, but it's not depending on the romance 24/7 to make up for plot, and it has great and various characters.

    This actually reminds me that there is an anime of this series premiering this fall. Maybe you can make that an episode of that new Anifiles show you have in the works? Who knows, keep doing what your doing sir! And have a good day!