Masako Muses...3DTV

Following the previous musing, Masako wonders whether 3D has truly come of age as a form of entertainment or whether this is yet another brief liason with the much-hyped visual trickery? Is this time around any different?


  1. heck, I don't even like watching 3D in theaters. maybe this is just my eye, but after around 30 minutes watching 3D in theater, my eyes hurts and waters.

  2. Ey, you forgot to mention that everyone has their own way of displaying 3d, so Samsung glasses won't work with Sony, and some works when you flip the glasses :3

    I like that you are starting to use pictures and funny clips on your show, because watching a dude on sitting on a chair (no offence meant) can get... fatiguing o.0)

  3. Lol, 3D is one of those things that makes me go, "Ooh!" and then I totally forget about it and just watch the movie as is. Haha!

  4. Quite honestly, the only way I see the whole 3D fad right now is so movie theatres and production companies can tack on an extra couple of bucks onto an already expensive movie ticket, just to milk the movie-goer dry.

    The only movie I can think of that doesn't throw in a couple of "ZOMG it's reaching out to me" gimmicks is Avatar, as James Cameron fused the 3D into the movie as a vital visual presentation to it.

    Also, this is my first post on the Masablog! Long time watcher, finally decided to join blogger and have a ball with it. Keep up the Masa Muses, nice touch with the pics and clips spliced in.