Anifile is LIVE!

Welp, Anifile's first episode is now live! This is my brand new anime show...and what better way to kick off proceedings then with a top 10 countdown of his favourite anime!

Intro Animatiors: Peter "Peat Woria" Spielvogel and Michael "Lostsohl" Wild
Intro Composer: Michael "Skitch" Schiciano

Titlecard by AngelBless


  1. I've only been an anime fan for a little while but most of the anime you listed i've seen and enjoyed a whole lot - although i'm assuming you haven't seen Haruhi Suzumiya season 2 (overall it's not good in my opinion). Thanks for doing this list it's given me more anime to search for and hopefully enjoy. Keep up the brilliant work

  2. Well done Masako. I enjoyed your top ten and can't wait to see what you'll be reviewing. The moeblob awaits you! and the little gems that hide in the blog as well....but mostly the blob

  3. Interesting list. Props for picking a lot of obscure and not so mainstream.

  4. Cool list! I'm glad that you made a top 10 of your TRUE favorite anime instead of just listing a bunch of popular shows like most people. And why does one of the characters from Chibi Vampire Karin look JUST LIKE Ichigo Kurosaki o.0?!


  5. It's good to see some lovin' for the slice of life/moe-esque genres. I shall be watching avidly :)

  6. I'm intrigued and shall be coming back. Btw, I do not know how but you seem to be a mix of doctor who, and austin powers. Wicked.

    On the offchance anyone cares, my particular favorite animes are, (from 10th to 1st)

    Love Hina
    Sailormoon (first and second seasons)
    Beyblade (first season)
    Rorouni Kenshin
    Last Exile
    Digimon (season one)
    A tie in second between gundam seed, and gundam wing
    And in first, Trigun.

  7. 10 SD Gundam
    9 Zatch Bell
    8 Zoids
    7 Ronin Kenshin
    6 Dragonballz
    5 Fruit Basket
    4 Black Blood Brothers
    3 Code Geass
    2 Bleach
    1 Naruto Shippuden

    These are my 10 favorite animes also pokemon and dgrayman but still watching dgrayman and masakox you rule

  8. Well. Heres mine. I rate all of the anime I watch on a scale of 1/10. Sure, I go back and alter them now and then after making comparisons but who doesn't? Ive seen a lot, still have a lot more to watch but eh. This is my top ten. Also, @ Masako. If you like slice of life. I watched one called Suzuka recently. Sure, it's got quite a lot of the angst factor but I think it's an alright show. Just a reccomendation.

    The List

    10. Ouran High School Host Club
    9. Shaman King
    8. Noein
    7. Claymore
    6. Ghost Hunt
    5. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
    4. Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni, Rei and Kai
    3. Jigoku Shoujo/Hell Girl Futakomori and Mitsuganae
    2. Blood+
    1. .Hack Series

    Wish there was more room for other things I like, but eh. I'll just give Love Hina a mention along with Clannad, Chobites, Dears and every other romancey pancy anime ive seen so far. Great fun. GREAT JUSTICE.


  9. finsaly nother nadesico fan iv been pedoling this show to all my freands as so far all of them love it and ruri is one of my favrats too