Masako Muses...Upgrades

Upon further musing, Masako ponders about the futility that is upgrading - is it worth the money just to have the latest and greatest or is it a impulsive drain on your wallet and emotions?


  1. "Futile", very well put man. Unfortunately this is the most efficient way for producers of expensive tech to make money. This would be fine by me- if these were legitamate upgrades, let me explain.
    At the beginning you mentioned an HD screen and camera capabilities, which are upgrades, but these are things that Apple already has the capacity to implement in the iPad. This would be an acceptable addition to the product if the technology wasn't available yet, but they deliberately exclude these features in order to guarentee sales for the next year. Damned if you do damned if you don't I'm afraid.
    If it's any consolation, at least Weird Al confronted this in song back in '99 in "It's all about the Pentiums Baby". So that's something.

    A delightful rant, Masako. Well done.

  2. what's the point on getting the latest gadget?
    you buy a phone to get a phone. so what if some of it's extra feature are slightly inferior to the ones released a couple months later, it still works as a phone (except if you're talking about iPhone 4).

    if a producer sells an upgraded product, that's fine. but if they made a slightly upgraded product within a short time after the previous version and ask for another full price without even caring of the consumers that had the precious versions, it's marketing bullcrap (which for some funny reason, worked)

    and have you seen this Masako?

    oh, and the video doesn't show up on TGWTG.com =/

  3. Oh-ho, yes, Hiroy. It's a funny article. It echoes my sentiments exactly.

  4. I've had the same iPod for the past three years (iPod video, about 80GB). I've dropped it countless times, the screen and back are scratched up from my backpack, and the front looks like it could just pop off any day, but I use it every day and as long as I can hear the music coming out of it, it's just what I need. I haven't even taken up all of the space in it yet.

    Meanwhile, everybody seems to enjoy commenting about how old it is and ask why I haven't upgraded. Besides the fact that I'm unemployed and Apple charges an arm and a leg for their products - what's the point? It still works, it still has room, why do I need to get a new one? Just because something new comes out doesn't mean you have to get it.

    Awesome rant, by the way.

  5. I agree 100%! It's a waste of money to rush out and buy every single gadget on the market when a new, upgraded version will inevitably be introduced.

    It's laughable to me actually, how everyone is so willing to waste their money on the latest cell phone or iPod when their current gadgetry works just fine. STOP BEING SO GULLIBLE, PEOPLE! *Sigh*

    Enjoy your rants ;)!