Masako's New Shows

Ahh, last week was a pretty messed up week for a number of reasons. Things went wrong then got sorted...after money exchanged hands. -_-

However, this week has been better. I got loads of Masako Muses recorded (up to episode 6) and those should be broadcast during July. However, that's not the show I had been talking about on my Twitter page.

The new show I have is called Anifile. It'll be a show reviewing anime fresh from Japan starting with a good old fashioned Top 10 anime of mine and then a test review of Angel Beats. I got some really good people behind this including the composer Skitch, the talented artist Angel-Bless and a couple of German animators for a special intro. It's my attempt to do something a little more mainstream after my voice acting show.

Also, I'm a believer in karma. I went into Guildford on Thursday to enquire about an iPhone (couldn't even get in!) and then had a parking ticket with 90 minutes left on it and gave it to a passing guy. Next day, I got a call from a company I had spoken briefly the day before and they gave me work for the whole of July! Karma, right there!

So yeah - Kampfer 4, Masako Muses 1-6, Anifile Top 10, Work and the MasaBlog...yeah, that's a lot of stuff. @-@

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  1. Well firstly congratulation on the work! Secondly can't wait for the anime, i've only recently got into anime and have only seen 2 series and have enjoyed them immensely, and was wondering what to check out next, so to hear that a Top 10 will be out soonish is brilliant. Keep up the great work and you'll hear from me again in the comments =]