Week's end...

Howdy everyone!

Since the blog is beginning to pick up pace, I thought I'd start up an end-of-week report just to keep you guys informed about what's going on with everything. Well, let me begin as there are a few things I'd like to bring up.

Firstly, Naruto Abridged. Yes, I know there are loads of you asking about it and as of now, I'm afraid to say it's on hiatus. I haven't heard from vegeta3986 in over a month now as I think he's been trying as hard as I have to find work. I can only work on the movie for NA when I've got lines in from everyone and there are still a couple that haven't as of yet and until that time, there's not much I can do so I thought I'd tell you guys and give you an answer.

As for other projects, MasaVox 6 is coming along very well and should be ready by the middle of June on both blip and TGWTG. I've managed to get a few people on board for interviews about voice acting; some newbies, fellow abridgers and a couple of new talents in the pro circuit so expect something good. It's my aim for this final lesson to give various perspectives other than my own this time round. Kampfer 4 is gaining momentum - I wrote the script for it in an evening with the help of takahata101 and together we've come up with a good script for a fairly mediocre original episode. There will be a couple of different additions but still the same tongue-in-cheek moments you've come to expect.

Finally, I've just started watching SPN. Jei-tan rates it immensely so I thought that I would take it up as well and it's quite good. It's like Jonathan Creek/Buffy type of vibe; magical murder mystery with a touch of kickass action.

OK, that should do it. Expect another blogTV on Wednesday 5pm EST here - http://www.blogtv.com/people/MasakoX

Catch ya later!

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