The World what now?

Well it's finally here...the World Cup; and naturally, I am not interested in it whatsoever. I used to have a passing interest in soccer many moons ago but I now find to be somewhat inane. True, most could argue that Formula 1 is a lot similar - cars going around the same piece of track 60-odd times; but at least with F1 you get the chance of a crash which looks pretty spectacular...with soccer you just get two men shouting at each other. I can see that on the street.

Next week has been a little thrown off kilter with the week's work being taken away (no fault of my own, I hasten to add) which at least means I can work on Kampfer 4 a little bit. I finally found the OST for the show too which is nice. Also, I'm thinking about online racing again but not quite sure on which setup to use. A laptop stand or HDMI output via my TV...a toughie but I'll figure it out soon enough. Hopefully the job interview I have next week will put that quandary out of my mind. :)

I've been in a better state of mind this week, probably due to the work I did earlier in the week and the sense of satisfaction coupled with it. It's allowed me to relax and think about things in a different way which is always good. ^^

Best wishes!

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  1. Glad to know there is someone else in England who really doesn't care about the World Cup, although I do enjoy playing footy as you said watching it is inane. Good to know Kampfer is being worked on though i'm not sure if the work being taken away is a good thing and have fun with the racing =]