Bad Safari, that's a bad safari.

I'll get this off my chest right now, I am mad at Apple for shipping the latest Safari update without Flash so you have to download it again. That's not happened before with previous updates - I know you don't like Adobe right now but there's no need to do something so immature. If I hadn't had figured it out, I would've thought my computer was on the blink. Bad Safari! >(

*sigh* Anyways, other than that it's been a good week so far. Did a couple of days' editing for a TV show meaning I now have a credit on satellite TV to look forward to which can only be good for my resume. It was pretty satisfying to hear my client liking what he saw. I've come on in just 2 months working with him. It makes me pleased. I got an interview next week plus the chance of one for something big which I will not talk about at this point in time.

Despite the Safari thing, I do respect my Mac as it does get the job done with stuff and I can do much more more easily on it than I could ever do with Premiere. I feel like I got a good setup at home. All I'd like is more RAM pls. :3

Oh yeah, blogTV in a couple of hours - http://www.blogtv.com/people/MasakoX

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