Anifile - Yumekui Merry

One day, Yumeji found out he had the power to look into peoples' dreams. Then he comes across a powerful entity from said dreams which just so happens to resemble a tweenage girl...how convenient.


  1. i liked this anime alot, specially the whole integration of daydreams and having differnt kinds of dream demons, its nice that some of the vessels get along with their demons instead of all them being a cat and mouse chase to get bodies forgive the pun. i look forward to when you cover the anime Gosick because that is my faveorite anime of this quarters selection of anime wooo no fan service

  2. The only anime I got hooked on this season is Madoka Magica. I suggest you watch a few episodes and give us your always-insightful review.

  3. it's kinda like inception except leonardo dicaprio is not in it. but it is a nice concept and I enjoy the opening song. very good