A Change of Measure

For those of you that watch Anifile, you know that I take the first episode of a show and go into it in detail and then summarise the next couple of episodes afterwards stating whether things generally move on or not. Then I round it off with a score out of ten. I've come to realise that this may be a little too final for what Anifile is all about. First impressions.

So instead, I propose a new means of evaluation using two simple measures - Continue or Chuck. Of course if I were to say continue or chuck and not explain why, that would be equally final. This measure will be embellished with a reason as to why it deserves the result. More often than not I would rate a show with a 'Continue' and then enhance it further by stating whether it's a solid continue or a wait and see. Only in rare circumstances would I grade a show with 'Chuck'; those would go to shows that show no sign of growth and either degrade or detract the viewer. The only shows I can think of that I've reviewed already that I would say to 'chuck' would be Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka and Asobi ni Ikuyo. The vast majority would get a 'continue' - some with a strong vote of confidence; others with a more hesitant tone.

I like to listen to what you guys have to say and cater the content I produce based on what you find more valuable and rounded. Scores are for more complete things. Measures are more appropriate for what I do - guides for you to base an opinion.

In other news, Otakon is looking more likely for me. Money isn't an issue as I can plan for it now, but what to do around it is still up in the air - I mean, whilst I'm in America, I should go somewhere else as it would be cheaper than two transatlantic trips in quick succession. Where I go remains to be seen. In any case, Otakon is most likely, so here's my list of cons I hope to at least attend this year as of now:-

Dimension Jump XVI (8-10 April) Birmingham
London MCM Expo (May 27-29) ExCeL, London
London Film and Comic Con (July 8-10) Earls Court, London
Otakon 2011 (July 29-31) Baltimore, MD
Ayacon 2011 (August 19-21) Coventry, England
Alcon 2011 (September) Leicester, England
London MCM Expo (October 28-30) ExCeL, London

Oh yeah, I got a copy of Bejeweled 3 from a very generous fan. Thank you so much. ^^ I'll be rocking those jewels later for sure.


  1. For first impressions I usually base it on the first three episodes before I decide to continue or drop. I sometimes get like your asking for too much from an single episode, kinda like wanting everything that's meant for a whole 13 episode series to be explained in the first episode. so I think it could help your show a bit if you took your impressions on the first three instead of just the first.

  2. Sounds good, although it's usually pretty clear after your reviews weather it's worth watching or not. It took me 24 out of 26 episodes for me to decide Outlaw Star was rubbish. Yes, I didn't bother watching the ending, and I have no desire to. Thank you for saving me watching terrible shows and letting me know about the good ones :)

  3. I like the idea of 'Continue or Chuck' for Anifile. The score system is a bit final as you said because to me it sounds too broad for watching the Anime. 'Continue or Chuck' gives a good ring to it when you are reccomending something to others.

    BTW, are you going to revamp the previous Anifiles whenever you are going to implement this system?

  4. You say you want to listen to our input for your show, but it doesn't seem like you do . It's clear from your reviews that you don't get what your suppose to do. A reviewer is suppose to judge based on everyone's tastes or the taste's the show is directed to... NOT JUST YOUR TASTE! Which from you top 1O list you either haven't watched a lot of Anime or your just the type to enjoy simple shows. And that's fine, but when you review Anime that you don't enjoy and say things that you don't understand about the show or didn't do any research for it, your insulting the viewers especially those who enjoy/know more about the show! The rating system is the least of your problems! When you say you go into detail for a show, it seems like you do a quick nutshell or make it like a quick abridge series from the first episode and were lucky if we even hear something else about the other episodes. If your doing new shows, you have to at least give it a 3 episode chance hell Anime News Network reviews DVD's with 4-5 episodes never just one! Your show is more of a preview or sneak peek kind of deal, but it's in no way a review. So I say if you want to save this show at all, you do the following: Give it a 3-4 episode chance, better research and being more open minded including not getting upset over fanservice. It's Japan dude almost every show has some sort of fanservice in it including shows that you enjoy on your top 1O such as Haruhi Suzumiya. The point of reviewing is to sort of educate and entice viewers into new shows and not say what they should/shouldn't watch especially if it's based on one episode. These things will give you a much wider audience as your viewers will see that you can understand them and show them new shows that they never thought they watch. Sorry if that was long, but I'm a fan and I've just wanted to help you out since I do reviews myself. So as for "Chucking" a show, I hope your prepare with reasons enough to not get anymore angry viewers cause it seems like your getting a lot as you keep making these.

  5. Thank you for your input. I appreciate it. Like I say, 'chucking' would be a rarity and I would back it up with a good enough reason as to why I think this. It wouldn't be a straight up capsule review. Also, I tend to go into detail for the first episode and then in the overview section, give an insight into how the shows evolves in subsequent episodes. The importance of the first episode is paramount, but yes, a show does need room to grow somewhat. You do have a point.

  6. You could go to New York City and DC from Baltimore on the BoltBus. BoltBus has Wi-Fi and Electricity Outlets in every seat.

  7. The good thing about your reviews is that you think very similarly in terms of anime and fan-service as I do (although I'm a bit more extreme and fan-service is a BIG no-no for me, even if it has to do with story). Apart from that, I love your reviews.
    Also I am so glad you're going to London Expo this year, i'm sure to come, so I hope to see you there.