Froyo Review: Not That Great, I'm A-frae-d

So, yeah this wasn't a frozen yogurt I tried today but one I had on my way to London Anime Con a couple of
weeks ago. Allow me to supply you with my findings!

This has been a place I've heard of so many times and intended to go there on New Year's Eve, walked all the way over there (a mile and a half!) and it was SHUT! So this time I went with no holidays to stop me and no time restrictions. This place is called FRAE and is one of the franchises opening up in London. It has a slick website so I thought it would super duper swanky inside but actually it turned out to be quite homely.

So once I got there, I was greeted to a small seating area inside a somewhat cold space with one other customer having her treat. The guy at the till wasn't there when I got there which wasn't that attentive but hey I'm here for the product not the person.

The portions sizes are quite skewed with a Small (83 cal), Medium (100 cal) and Large (134 cal) so I thought I'd get a large one (heh heh, large one.) with BLACKBERRIES this time round to be different. If you can't tell from the picture, the prices aren't that great to what I've seen at other places. More on the expensive side and froyo is relatively expensive to ice cream but totally worth it.

So the taste test - that's where it fell down. Frozen yogurt for me has to be either smooth and creamy or coarse and tangy (Itsu's offering is the best for the latter). This was smoothish and kinda bland. It didn't have that creamy texture I was looking for and felt let down. I did get a fair lot - a large portion for only 134 calories?! Dayum...but despite the messed up sizes, it really didn't do anything for me and for £5.10 that annoyed me; especially after all the aggravation it took me to get there.

So yeah, I went to Muffinski's today and got my usual fayre - so good! Seriously - Covent Garden, Muffinski's. Go there. Give Frae a try if you're in the area, but stick with a small but this isn't the froyo haunt for me I'm a-FRAE-d. XD

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