Anifiles I may have missed

In each season of Anifile, I tend to limit myself to 6-8 anime. If I were to review more, the workload would be excessive especially when I've got freelance work going on as well plus I would get bogged down in one lineup whilst a new one is starting up.

So for those asking about shows I've past over for full reviews, here are some of the other shows from this Winter season; all rated with the CONTINUE or CANCEL measure:

HOUROU MUSUKO - A series concerning Nitori and Takatsuki who feel like they were born in the wrong body and yearn to live life as the opposite sex. This is a very heartfelt tale which we know is destined to be riddled with judgement from different parties. However, it does so in a very tactful and sensitive light, not to mention with stunning visuals that I've not seen in an anime up to now. It certainly captured my interest and I didn't have the heart to poke fun at it in any way. CONTINUE - SOLID. Hugely underrated.

MADOKA MAGICA - I got tons of requests for this show and normally this is something I wouldn't go for. I got burned by Moetan and Milky Holmes to know better. Yet when I peered into the story proper, I was pleasantly surprised. The characters are charming and really care for each other which I want to support them which is paramount in a show like this. Also, the fight scenes are SO TRIPPY!! I mean, Shiki trippy right here, probably even more! My faith has been restored. CONTINUE. Speaking as a non-fan of magical girl shows, this is something to keep an eye on.

CARDFIGHT!! VANGUARD - *Yawn* Another fickle attempt to sell merchandise with a tenative story. If you've seen Yu-Gi-Oh, there's no need to follow this and my interest is very low. Also, the fact that the creator of Yu-Gi-Oh R (panned by most fans) and Duel Masters (poor series) teamed up on this is a sign that this series is doomed to either obscurity or ridicule. CANCEL.

LEVEL E - Simply put, you NEED to see this show. If you've been put off by the amount of highschool harem anime in this season's lineup, this will be a breath of fresh air. The comedy is well executed whilst retaining its integrity superbly. The fact that aliens live amongst humans and the humans don't know it reminds me of the Men in Black movie in how there's an entire infrastructure going on right under our very noses and we have no clue and yet it's so familiar in attitude it's ironically normal. CONTINUE - SOLID. Fun fact: The manga was made in 1995 - WHY THE HELL DID IT TAKE THIS LONG TO GET A SERIES?!

FRACTALE - This was going to be on my list, but Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka bumped it off. I am literally kicking myself as I type this out. Why did I do that? This show has so many intricate plot twists and engaging characters despite the relatively lacklustre first episode. Even then, the interaction in that episode helped me really connect with Phyrne and Nessa which carried me into the next outings. The scenery is breathtakingly gorgeous and a delight for the eyes, especially in 720p! CONTINUE. The slow first episode may put some off, but hang in there - it's worth it!

BEELZEBUB - I heard so much hype for this I gave the first coupla episodes a go and I have to say I was left wanting. Some of the humour for me kind of past me by and it seemed like it was putting a lot of effort into making me laugh...perhaps too much effort? It reminds me of Zatch Bell a little bit as well as Urusei Yatsura in how Baby Beel acts (much like Lum's younger brother, Ten). It's certainly not a bad anime, not at all. It's very well put together and it does have its moments but for me, it wasn't a lingering hit. CONTINUE - TENATIVE

ONII-CHAN NO KOTO... - OK. This series can die in a big fire!! The fact that Nao is so into her brother but then totally denies it but not really is not only inconsistent, it comes off as eye-poppingly arrogant and brattish. The colour palette is far too colourful for the subject matter and even putting the incest factor aside, Nao isn't a looker and shame on her brother Shusuke for not flat out saying "WTF?!" at the first instance...but no, he's into gawping at her in her the nuddy. Offensive, crass and not in the least bit charming. Go watch B Gata H Kei instead - that has some kind of twisted humour whereas THIS has NONE. CANCEL - WITH A PASSION. Onii-chan no Koto: Incest - The Game for all the Family!

I hope that satsifies your curiosity for some of the other series from the winter roundup. Some I regret not giving the full treatment and others I'm glad I didn't have to go near too much. Onii-chan would've been good rage material, but that would've been too obvious. I'll allow you to go rage it at yourself...if you like that sort of thing. In which case, *evil eyes*.

So until next post, catch ya later! v^^


  1. I've been following Beelzebub, and am a bit disappointed to have to agree with you on this one. Which is a shame since I really like the manga, which has much, much better pacing for the gags. The anime tries way too hard, and has suffered from padding in the episodes, as well as a surprising amount of filler material for a series only six episodes in. At the very least I feel confident that I can say this is one that should get better as time goes along. Though I must confess I have my sneaking suspicion that this will be one of those series that I just like better as a manga.

  2. Originally laughed off Madoka Magica as loli bait, though what I've been hearing about the later episodes might prove to be interesting... or just be more of what I'd expect from SHAFT.