Naruto Abridged - Now on Blip, Ad-Free

In preparation for Episode 27's release on Monday - I have uploaded all of the previous 26 episodes onto Blip - ad-free. All the episodes are in one place for you to catch up on or remind yourself of the series you thought was once gone. I shall explain why it's been so sporadic lately.

Over the last year, things have been pretty hectic for both me and vegeta3986. We've had a pretty wacked-up real life to deal with in terms of work and changing circumstance. Sadly it meant that our time to get together was limited and that it turn made thinking about working on episodes, let alone the movie, very impractical. Sure, we could get on with personal projects but collabs were out of reach for the moment.

Fortunately, we've been able to get online more often and have some good times which spawned Episode 27 and hopefully a less sparse release schedule. Episode 28 should be much faster out and written by myself. =D

So yeah, go to http://ntas.blip.tv to catch up on Naruto Abridged and tune in to Vegeta's YouTube channel for Episode 27 and a special video...whose side are you on?

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  1. You uploaded the series backwards so that the episodes go down from 26....That or the settings need tweaking.