MasaBlog Rebooted!

Greetings, all. Since I've been using the blog more often and you friendly lot are visiting a lot more - I thought I would give it a little spruce-up. The old layout was OK (I'm a fan of gradients!) but the tiling effect really ruined the overall look...plus I've been wanting to make a banner for the longest time. Text up there doesn't seem right at all.

So yeah, the content's the same as before but it should be a lot neater to look at and clearer for you to read. Plus, an interesting little tidbit for you all who read this post - I'm planning to do something special for my 25th birthday on the 15th October...I won't say what it is but I'll give you a clue about what I'm thinking of...it involves a con in America around the time of my birthday. Which one? Take a guess! =D


  1. Kept the DONATE buttons though, I see.

  2. Is it Youmacon? I hope it's Youmacon
    pleeeease be Youmacon!!! >w<